Monday, May 4, 2015

Humor and Exercise

       When things aren't going well, I run the benefits that exercising will have on my mood through my head. I tell myself that the endorphins released will trigger a positive feeling and, that in the past, I have often felt euphoric after a walk/jog/hike/etc. 

       Sometimes this is enough for me to summon the strength  or courage, depending on what issue I am dealing with, to get out there and start moving. There are times though, that all the knowledge in the world won't get me out the door. I've read the books. I know the facts. I know the statistics. I know what I've experienced in the past. However, if I'm curled up in the fetal position under blankets on my bed, and the sadness feels like it is weighing down so heavily on me that I find it difficult to breathe, all that information is useless. 

       The other scenario is if anxiety has completely overtaken my world. If my hands are shaking uncontrollably, I'm sweating profusely and I just know that THIS time I really am going to have a heart attack, there is no reminding myself of the importance of exercise. Knowing that exercise will lift my mood or burn off all that extra adrenaline does me very little good in those situations. 

       One of the few things that I can do to give myself a fighting chance is to laugh. If I can watch a short little clip that will at least make me think about smiling, then I have come a long way. Movies don't work for me if I am that far gone. I need something quick, because I can't pay attention for long during those times. 

       I have several youtube clips that I have saved so that I can quickly pull them up and watch them. I have them bookmarked. There have been many times in the past that this little step was just enough help to get me out the door. That is always my goal. 

       If I can get outside and start moving, then know I know I will start to feel better. I am going to post one of my favorite clips just to give you an idea of what I am talking about. Everyone has a unique sense of humor though, so this may not be some readers cup of tea. It is simply to illustrate the point I am making.
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As always, I wish you wonderful mental health, happy exercising, and great successes eating healthy foods. If you, or someone you love, is severely depressed or anxious, please click the link to the right and you will be directed to the International Association for Suicide Prevention. It is a great resource, and is staffed by wonderful people. 
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