Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Please, Ask for Help!

       On May 13th, 2011 my Pops (dad) lost his battle with mental illness. His medication levels had gotten completely off, and he took his life. I not only lost my father, I lost my best friend. We talked every day. He was the kindest, funniest, most unselfish person I've ever met. The last word anybody that knew him would use to describe him would be selfish. Anyone who says a person with a mental illness who loses his/her battle with their illness is selfish hasn't dealt with mental illnesses. They haven't experienced the stigmas and often don't understand the situation. 

       Stigmas played a large role in his medications getting so far off and him being unable to ask for help. We are strong, compassionate, loving people. It's time to let the world know and to break down these stigmas. That is why I came out as The Mental Runner. It's not always easy for me or my family when the whole world knows that I have mental illnesses, but fighting these stigmas is a worthy cause that I will fight for with everything I have.

       In the spirit of breaking down those stigmas, I'm paying tribute to a fighter. The man who originally taught me to be a warr;or. A man that I am proud to call my father, and a man who will always be remembered as someone who gave his best. A truly good man.

       If you need help PLEASE ask for it. Forget about what other people think. You are worthy of help and there is hope. Click the link on the left side of your screen for the International Suicide Prevention Association, and you will be directed to the resources that can help you in your area of the world.

      This music video is what I have always had dedicated to my Pops. This is what my hearts sings out when I think of him. 

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       As always, I wish you wonderful mental health and great successes eating healthy meals. If you, or someone you love, is severely depressed or anxious, please click this link and you will be directed to the International Association for Suicide Prevention. It is a fantastic resource and is staffed by wonderful people.
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